To let go of old beliefs sounds simple but in everyday usage , not so much. Yet this is the first step I list in creating the life you desire in my book Journey to Now . It is an absolute must to step out of your box labeled reality. Here’s why.

What we believe is the truth about our lives flows through our very being, every cell, every neuron, every message passed through our body’s biological system. What we believe is the truth  is fueled in emotion and emits through the electromagnetic field of our heart, to be felt by ourself, and others. What we believe is the truth becomes imbedded within our brain, so much so that we always go back to it, which reinforces it even more.

And, why shouldn’t we go back to it? Our beliefs come from our past experiences, what we’ve lived and witnessed. They also come from what we have been taught by family, friends, teachers, society.We become so accustomed to how we believe things to be, that we tell the story of it every day. Why we have no money, why we don’t feel good, why we are a victim, why we can’t get ahead. We repeatedly put these stories out into the Universe vocally, within huge fields of emotion and believed as real. No matter who may disagree, no matter a “good” day or “change of luck”. No matter what present or future event may occur to prove your reality incorrect, the old pattern of belief from the past takes precedence. Because it is ingrained.

Sound hopeless? Not so! As I mentioned previously, step out of the box. Begin to explore new realities, new possibilities. Research, read, google new ideas on the internet, be it about health, nutrition, making money, creating a home business. From there delve into new sciences, spirituality, philosophy, energy medicine. I began my new reality looking into Reiki, past life regression, shamanism, sound healing, metaphysics to name a few. Attend workshops, meetup groups, online seminars, watch you tubes. When something resonates with you, learn about it and apply it, daily. It is said that it takes about 21 days of repetition before a new practice or idea becomes a new habit.

These new habits can then replace an old ones. This new truth then incorporates into your very biological being, neurologically within the brain and emotionally with feeling through the heart.They become your new story powered by the strength of those two organs’ electromagnetic fields that you vocalize throughout the cosmos. And thusly, your new reality is born. You can get a first hand illustration of this powerful process through reading my book  Journey to Now found on Amazon or my website

Blessings, Suzanne Taylor-Torres

Now that we are well into 2016, take stock as to where you are on your path. Is it the path you wish to be on? Is it still last year’s path? Is it the path family and friends expect you be on? Is it leading you to where you want to go? If you answered no, yes, yes,and no, you may not be headed in the right direction. The direction of what you truly desire that is.

Book: Journey To Now

If you are at that crossroads where you wish to change your life, in some way, you will need to take a different path. Your new path should be one of research, learning new things, opening up to new realities, applying new philosophies, and stepping-out-of-the-box.

It should be all about connecting to your inner guidance system, finding joy, and positivity. Following your bliss and applying laws of attraction while doing so. Above all, begin telling a new life story as you wish it to be. (Not as it was.)

In my book, “Journey to Now”,  I provide a good thirty years of my own life path as an example of how I did indeed change my life incorporating the above principles and much more. Choose which of the 12 steps I offer that resonate with you.

Don’t presume I am saying that whatever years behind you were in vain. On the contrary! Every milestone, event, joy, sorrow, person, situation, decision, were all means to the soul lessons you are here to learn. If it weren’t for these, you would not have traveled the path you did, which in turn created the wise and learn-ed being that you now are.

We all have journeyed to now for each of our specific soul purposes. We wouldn’t be who we are had we not. No time was wasted.

You are in the exact spot you should be in right now. So gather that knowledge, and wisdom, note the synchronicities along the way for they are messages, and set out on your new path today.  Your journey to the future, your desired future, is about to begin!