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Creating Serenity one desire, one dream, one drop at a time.

March is Heart health month. While exercise and diet are key to keeping healthy, Reiki can also play a role. Negative emotions work on energy levels of our bodies, often creating "dis-ease".  A "sad" heart is not going to continue to be a healthy heart. When we are sad, discontent, angry, jealous, ...we are not connected to our true nature. We are not connected to source, God, love, whatever your reference. We block these connections off.

I believe Reiki can work to undo these blockages, keep life force moving through us. We are all a part of  this energetic source. Often, during a reiki session, recipients will burst into tears as emotions flow through. It's all about heart. It's all about love. Check out the accompaning link , if you need a more  scientific perspective.

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