Serenity Quest
Creating Serenity one desire, one dream, one drop at a time.

I know you've heard this time and again: Choose doing what you love for a career. Your life will be happier. Probably. But not always possible. I knew I wanted to be a Teacher from the time I was 6. Set all my stuffed animals up across the bed, as my students, and taught from a piece of construction paper taped to my closet (for the black board). Loved teaching...did it for three decades. But the loving it stopped somewhere in the midst of the second. Still, I cared about the kids and was a perfectionist, so I kept going and was good at it.

Often, as we grow older, experience life, learn new things, our "loves" change. These changes can occur in career, relationships, environment, spiritual beliefs, political views. The list goes on and on. It is only natural; change happens.

Some,do not have great options, and  choices are made due to economics,family problems, necessity. Whatever the case, whatever the changes, it is important to find what you love, find what gives you joy, and DO IT. It may not be a full time career.It may be a hobby. Something you can fit in once a week, once a month. Fit it in! Let it feed your soul. Those inevitable changes may provide more options for you down the road. When you live with joy, you are connected to source. When you are connected to source, miracles happen. When miracles happen you get to create the life you want. And...when you chose the life you want, you will be happier. Funny how it all works!

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