Suzanne Taylor-Torres

“I find great joy in helping others to learn how to heal themselves. Serenity Quest was begun to foster independence to support personal growth. As an educator, the search for my own individual truth led to my passion to help others find theirs. I believe it is important for people to continue to search for life’s truths as opposed to accepting what society has dictated as such. Being open to infinite possibilities allows for a fascinating and fulfilling life…”

Suzanne is a traditional Usui Reiki Master. Originally from Long Island, NY, she was a school teacher in elementary and special education. She began her spiritual studies in the late nineties. Besides Reiki, these include light energy work, hypnosis, past-life regression, and medicine wheel.

A move to Tucson in 2004 offered studies in LED light treatment, essential oils and supplements, and aromatic oil body application to aid in all around wellness.

In 2012, Suzanne and Kevin began their lives together in Sedona. She added the titles of Minister to her services, and Author, of two books: “Journey to Now”, a spiritual biography and memories of past lives, and “Basic Steps to Law of Attraction”, using specific manifesting principles that helped her change her life.

Suzanne is currently back in Northern Tucson working on her third book, a collection of poetry. She has now incorporated the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono and a priestess path study into her life. She has also opened her shop, Ravens’ Rooste, where you can find her sharing tools for manifesting in your own life.

Most importantly, she is the mother of two, and is married to Kevin, the man of her dreams, that she speaks of in her first book.


Kevin Torres

Kevin is formerly from both East and West Coasts, where he worked in the Behavioral Health field, and ran his own business “Friends for Life”, aiding the emotionally challenged. Living in Los Angeles his work centered in the Entertainment field.

He lived in Sedona for over 14 years, where he was an experienced Sedona Guide excelling in vortex energy sites, geology, medicine wheel teachings, native flute music and more.

In his younger years, Kevin was a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. He also incorporates the principles of Gnostic teachings as well. His own South American indigenous roots adds to his respect of Mother Earth and spiritual nature.

You can often find Kevin playing flute at the local lavender farm in Oracle. To work with Kevin or order a CD, contact him here on the Two Flutes page or at the Contact page. His direct line is 928-301-3857.