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Traditional Usui Reiki is an ancient Tibetan art of hands-on healing.  Believed to be developed over 2500 years ago by monks of Tibet, it was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in Japan, and later introduced to America in the mid 20th century. Reiki works on principles of Source Energy Forces found in nature all around us. Its purpose is to aid in the healing and balancing of the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Service Descriptions and Pricing:

Reiki Session:

  • One Hour Sessions, in person or remote

Traditional Usui Reiki:
1 Hour Usui Reiki Session-


 Traditional Usui Reiki Classes/Attunements:

  • Reiki I – Focuses on self-empowerment and awakening inner wisdom. Two day course that covers the history of Reiki and its uses. Students receive four attunements, Reiki I manual, and will be given techniques and skills to practice Reiki on themselves and others.

Reiki Level I Class –


  • Reiki II – Focuses on self-expansion, self-healing and inner guidance. One day course where students learn to use Reiki beyond their physical environment, on a global level and non-physical dimensions. Students will learn to use three major Reiki symbols and will receive two attunements. Reiki II manual will be provided.

Reiki Level II Class –


  • Advanced Practitioner – Focuses on causes of dis-ease and specific symbols to work with these. One day course where students learn additional symbols allowing them to work with clients by helping them resolve specific dis-ease/issues. Students will receive one additional attunement and manual.

Reiki Advanced Practitioner –


  • Reiki III Master Level – Focuses on teaching and the attunement process.Three day course in which students will learn to teach Reiki classes, lead a meditation and create and lead a Reiki circle. Students will receive the Reiki Master attunement and be given the Master attunement symbol. Only those with the calling to teach ask to become a Reiki Master.

Reiki III Master Level Class –


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