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Journey To Now

Journey to Now is an auto-biographical recollection of one woman’s spiritual quest and personal transformation spanning twenty years. Suzanne Taylor-Torres shares how she successfully changed her bleak, stress-filled existence into a joyous, abundant life.

Suzanne brings you through her lonely childhood, two failed marriages, and challenges as a single mother of two. Her search for answers includes new age metaphysical, old age teachings, and the strange coincidences and psychic signs that guide her along the way.

Within these she discovers the power of her own Divine Feminine inner self, the application of the “Law of Attraction”, and trust in her own intuitive knowledge and connection to Universal Source.

Throughout, she openly and at times humorously, shares her sorrows, doubts, insecurities and mistakes. But ultimately her strength, persistence, and trust win out!

Discover how Suzanne successfully transforms self-image, romantic relationship, financial status and the place she calls home.

Woven into this journey is:
a love story,
past life memories,
psychic phenomenon,
a pop music personality
and even magic!

Follow this fantastic account, and choose which life change steps Suzanne offers to work for you to manifest your desires!

Paper back copy- $15.99
Hard Cover copy- $33.95
ebook- $3.99

To order please email Suzanne from this site’s contact page. Suzanne will email PayPal directions. Links can also be found on, Kindle and through Balboa Press.

Again, a sincere thanks to all who aided me and made possible this project! A special shout out to my husband and children, and writing mentor Dr. Amanda Romania.

I also would like to mention a link to a fun and informative website that provided my aura information within this book:

Music depicting the mysts of Avalon, from the depths of the caves, memories of ceremonial meditation, raw flute and chant. “Deepen”, from Kevin’s Two Flutes and Red Rocks CD

Newest Book: Basic Steps to Law of Attraction: The Subtlties of Working with Creative Source

A condensed, easy to read and apply, pocket-sized book with all the life changing tips from  “Journey to Now” at your fingertips. Carry with you anywhere!
Good information for beginners, and specific reminders for those already familiar with this process. A great teaching tool for Teachers.
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basic steps to law of attraction